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The Barry Martin Group was established in 1969, over 30 years activity in encouraging contact and supporting trade between the West and Russia in the following services:

  • Travel and accommodation arrangements
  • Visa procuration – successful procuration on time, every time
  • Had held courier service – the first on line - 1975
  • Organization of exhibitions/conferences/seminars
  • Trade missions to and from Russia

From our beginning in 1969 as a commercial travel agent we quickly expanded our field of operation into freight, event organisers, trade consulting and general information centre for all things in Russia. We opened offices in Moscow (1979), New York (1980) and Stockholm (1989)

The diversity of our work can be seen for the fact that we , in a small way, helped John Le Carre with his book “The Russia House”. He reciprocated by actually mentioning The Barry Martin Travel office in the context of the story.

1992 saw the collapse of the Soviet Union which led to a downturn of trade and the start of direct links between client and supplier. We took the opportunity to follow this lead and re-group. We turned our international concern into an independent partnership of companies worldwide and the British company returned Le Carre´s compliment by becoming “The Russia House Ltd.”

Russia has had a hard time since 1992 changing its system of work. Mistakes have been made but have been learned. Now in the latter part of the first decade of independence, under President Putin's discipline, with good oil prices and ever resilient Russian people's tenacity Russia is working well with a stable rouble, good trade figures and attracting vast Western investments.

The Barry Martin Group although damaged in 1992 , took a 10 year viewpoint and invested in the New Russia - this is now showing dividends and the group maintains its front position in its innovations and services to encouraging contact and supporting trade with Russia.

Barry Martin,
The Chairman of Barry Martin Group of Companies

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