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Our staff guarantees that your Russian visa application materials will be complete and expedited directly to and from the Russian Consulate.

Russian visa requirements:

Requirements for single/double entry and tourist visa:

  • A completed and signed visa application form.(in MS Format)
  • 1 passport size photograph.
  • Passport (Original).
  • Visa support: Invitation or hotel voucher (we arrange that).

*Note! For travellers with other passport than Swedish there can be different rules.

Requirements for multiple entry visa:

  • Valid 6 months or 1 year
  • For more information about rules and rates please contact us.

The following rates apply for processing your Russian visa request. Our staff guarantees that your visa application materials will be completed and couriered directly to and from the Consulate.

Visa processing rates:

Please note all rates are subject to changes and includes the Consulates & BMGs Handling fee.

Rates for Single entry and Tourist visa

  • From 700:- (10 days) to 1.700:- (same day).

Rates for Double entry visa

  • From 900:- (10 days)

Russian Consulate extra fees*:

Visa procuration time Extra fees Total price**
Same day 101 EUR 1334 SEK
2 days 78 EUR 1122 SEK
3 days 56 EUR 920 SEK
4 days 34 EUR 718 SEK
5 days 22 EUR 607 SEK
6 days 11 EUR 506 SEK
7 days 0 EUR 400 SEK
(basic price)

*BMG procuration fee will be added to all prices.
**Prices depend on the Euro exchange rate.

Important note about registering Russian visas:

Russian visas must be registered in the first 3 business days after your arrival. This can be done either at your hotel free of charge, or at our downtown Moscow or St.-Petersburg offices. If you're not staying at a hotel, you will need to register your visa with our office in Russia.

Service Guarantee Disclaimer:

Although we guarantee our services, there are circumstances which we cannot control. We are not responsible for stolen visas or those lost or damaged in the mail. We cannot guarantee that a visa will be issued as the Consulate may refuse to grant entry/exit visa for any reason. Your Consular fees are reimbursable only if you are denied an entry visa and the Consulate has offered to refund its fee. Otherwise, such fees are non-refundable and subject to change without notice.

Our Mailing Address for your Visa documentation:

Barry Martin Group AB
Brunnsgatan 21B
111 38 Stockholm

Tel.8-723 1465
Fax.8-723 1467

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